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Heavy Metal Denim Jacket Patches

This heavy metal denim jacket patches have kisses written all over them in rockstar font. The patch system is great for big patches that you want to put together quickly and easily. The jacket also fits comfortably for a bit of comfort. The denim fabric is sturdy and lastly the patches are long lasting and stay in place. All in all a great purchase!

Heavy Metal Denim Jacket Patches Ebay

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Cheap Heavy Metal Denim Jacket Patches

This twisted sister jacket is sure to impress! With its vintage-inspired designs and patchwork fabric, this jacket is a yourself of style. Plus, its heavy-duty fabric is sure to keep you warm in the cold winter months. this is a amazing heavy metal denim jacket that is always a great addition to your wardrobe. This today is the day is the patch for xl heavy metal. It has a comfortable fit and is made to last. this motorhead jacket has patches down the front and back. The jacket is size large and has a comfortable fabric that will not show any use. The motorhead vest is a size large as is standard and is also a comfortable vest. The patches are a favorite among motorhead fans and are sewn in to the back of the vest. The motorhead jacket is a must-have shirt for any motorhead fan and is a good choice for any casual event or for heavy metal applications. this patchfield jacket is a representation of heavy metal denim jacket with patches stuck in it. The jacket is made from denim fabric and patches are hand-paint. The patchfield jacket is available in black, red, orange, and blue.